he's the past, i never look back because i'm yours now.

hello faeries. how's life? me? almost HELL.
started from school, just like there are many evils around me. i'm mad at everyone. actually, they didn't do any mistake, but i'm still being mad with them. the biggest problem is, my class is so noisy, truly. it makes me want to scream out loud "will you shut up for a while?!"

yea my class is consist of 4 boys and 24 girl. that’s why my class almost like a market. Mrs. Fathonah said if she don't have any stock of boys for my class. I was wondering, maybe that's the reason why girls can fight just for a boy. in my class, 1 boy for 6 girls, wow.

but good news, now I’m obviously sure I was completely forget about him. the one who break my heart into a pieces and torn me apart inside. the pain was gone, perfectly. I don’t blame him anymore. started from now, I can look at him without a scar. don’t you see ? I can live without you.

and now i do love with you, boy . the one who always love me, although you know that I’m still can't get over his face from my head. you took over the fuckin’ scars. you make me strong just when you’re by my side. your love is where i'm falling, so please don’t catch me. I love you, more and more, fae.

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