four boys around my life.

hello faeries. I think today will be great. why? today our class, started from XI Science 6 - XI Social 2 used by 12th grade for tryout. that's mean today is holiday and tomorrow will be holiday too. wohooo that's sounds cool, right? two days without teacher, tasks and exams, wowow. I have plan to finished 3 books during this holiday and have a secret date with fae. xoxoxo
btw, in the last post I told you that my class is so noisy like a hell market. well, i'm too afraid if my last post will be read by my classmate. hehehe. so now I decided to tell you about the boys in my class. oh did i tell you if my class, XI Science 8 just only has 4 boys? yea, only 4 boys!

oke, let's start with M. Salman AlFarisi. simply called salman, faris, sel or maman. fyi he's so annoying and always makes me mad at him, so anyone, please don't adore him -_- but he's the funniest boy in my class. almost similar with sule, but the one is more annoying. for the revenge, me and haniva make a hot gossip in the class, that we're inlove so deeply with salman. lol. so here those picts, we always being so close with him.
he look at me, and i look back shyly. hahah.
yea, he sit next to me in the english laboratory. his absent is 15 and me 16.
another gossip, haniva and salman.

the second one is the most wanted boy, M. Qomaruz Zaman. usually called Zam (this nickname created by me). he's the most handsome and the coolest one in the class. he always help me when Salman annoying. he's like my hero. if I haven't boyfie, maybe I can falling inlove with him. kidding :p
he's so cool. isn't it?

third, my class captain, Kafabi. simple name, love to call him Kef (I made this nickname too). he's so wise and kind boy. I think he's the best class captain I've ever met. and the most is he's very ordinary :)
I don't know what he was thinking about, maybe me? :p

and the last but not the least is Achmad Ikhyari. you can called him Ari. he's the smartest one all over my school, it's true! I can't imagine what is his brain made of. but he's so stingy. wth. I'm obviously sure that he's not worth enough to talk about -_-
he's the left one.

sometimes, they could be the annoying and stingy person but I still heart them. YOU ALL ROCK!!

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