perfect day

today was soooo great. i spent many times with my loved one. he accompanied me to do esay. yea, i qualified for the semifinals of economic olympiad. alhamdulillah, super thanks for Allah, who gave me this golden chance. i promise to do my best. wish me luck, oks? we started at 3 until 5.30 pm. it was so looong. well, idk why he wasn't bored. tapi dia sambil maen rubik gitu sih. then, he made a sketch, yea he drew my face. and actually, it was not like me. hahahaha. and the sweetest part is when i asked to him
"why do you love me?"
he safely said
"i don't need any reason to love you" 

it's kinda sweet, isn't it? what a perfect day!

one is loved because one is loved
no reason is needed for loving - Paulo Coelho

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