ohella faeries. actually i don't have nice story to share. but 5 minutes ago, fae asked me to post about him. yea had to be obeyed -__- oke let's start about our conversation last night. yesterday, he didn't text me until 5 pm. well, i thought he had rubics gathering and i won't disturb him, so i didn't text him too. but he didn't text me because he thought that i was quarantined for semifinal OE. hrrr, it was wrong, i'll be quarantined on next week. i think i was told him, but yea he forgot. he reasoned that he didn't notice what i said because he's madly in love with me -__- well, i can't be mad at him. he has one thousand ways to make me crushed. lol. then, i asked to him
'how much do you love me?'
and he answered
'do you know how big the grand canyon?'
'yeea, why?'
'my love as not big as that. haha'
'well, i don't know how much i love you, but all i know is my feelings for you will never disappear'

if he try to be romantic one, he did perfectly. he successfully make me melted. haha. i hope you always remember your promise. i don't want to fall for the second time. i believe in you. please don't break my heart, dear.

bad english, sorry


  1. WeLL, I hope this FAE wiLL stay forever ever ever ever!! XD

  2. sampek nyakitin, gebukin ajee. wkwk xD *ngawur siL iki*

  3. pu, haris : thankieeees :)

    sherly : hahaha apa sih sher ? :p

    sss : setujuuuu xD