Alohomora dear! This post gonna be a special one because it dedicated for one of my girls. Oh yea, I have  girls anyway. The right one in the photo is Eliana Nurhafidah or simply call as Inaw- uses w. What do you think 'bout her? Pretty? Cute? A bit wicked? Well, yea actually when I met her for the first time, this bad-though hit my head 'ini anak jahat kali ya? wajahnya kok judes gitu' Don't point blame on me, that was Junior High School-kiddo thinking. Yup, first time I met her was when eight grade. 

Time flies, years passed, we became classmate for 3 years. I'm twelfth grade now, btw. Well, people said that time changes everything, rite? Time changes my first-bad-thought-about-her too. After 3 years being together with her, I realized something. She's cares with her friends. And she really cares with me. She is one of my girls who ask 'are you okay?' just because I tweeted something bad. She's the one who always there, when I need someone to talk to. She's the one who envy with me or my life (still, idk what makes her envy with me). And she's a very good listener. A very good best friend :-)

Well, I think I know what make you envy with me. Because I have such a best friend like you, right? :-)

I'm so lucky. Too lucky, maybe.

She's crabby. A bit.