I'm on way to become sleeping beauty.

Finally Holiday is comiiiiiiiing!! Say woo-hoo! Bye school. I'm sorry to say this, but I must leave you. Don't miss me, because I do not miss you.  Btw, I haven't a plans to spent my holiday, yet. But tomorrow, I'll hanging out with my friends, watching Harry Potter, Transformer and Kungfu Panda 2. Oh hell-yea I haven't watched them. How look miserable I am.

My jumbled-thought reminds me for (oh wait, this word stuck in my throat) stu-dying during this holiday. Okay, I'm exactly know that I'm a twelfth grade now, means like stop doing something useless, time to focus in my study. But please please, I'm a normal teen, I need a break, too. I want to do something that could be set me free from musts, should and have to-s thingy.

I wouldn't make this holiday become a bored one. So, trying to set plans for holidays, hanging out with my besties, reading novels, watching DVDs, texting with someone I'm madly in love with (oh skip this) , sleeping for pretty loooong (I'm on a way to become sleeping beauty :p), riding my motorcycle around this small town, doing a lotssssss of homeworkssss (being a student is really miserable) and absolutely doing bloggy-wiggy-thingy.

So anyone, if you have a plan to do something or go somewhere please tell me, I'll be in your side as soon as dust falling. Don't be scared, please.

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