Hello sweety. I'm so sorry for not blogging for several weeks. I'm extremely busy for 2 weeks ago and a week later. Studying, doing a lots of homework, ah I almost dying but I don't know why, I feel like I'm in huge spirit to go to school, oh I mean for studying not chatting with my friends. Well, maybe it's my second reason :p Maybe it's effect of twelfth grade, ya good effect.
Btw, 5 days ago, on August 7th we celebrated Delina's birthday. She already 17 now ;;)
As her best-est friend ever (lol) we had a surprise for her. After break-fasting, me and my girls gathered in her rooms, preparing candles and tart. It was such as unyu moment. Haha I can't stop laughing when I remembered that.

I hope you always be our 'Delis', xx

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