7.35 am.

Gmorning bloggy. Today is Sunday, a days off. Oh, forget it, I have another 3 weeks off, it's Holiday, isn't it? :D
But I'm not in mood for holiday and their thingy, Yea, I have no plans to go out somewhere, and doing something. You can say it's jobless. Wew, I mean I've waiting so looong for this holiday, but when it comes I just feel like 'Hello, this is obviously boring!'

So what am I doin' right now? Just laying on my bed, thinking about someone (skip this), maybe reading some novels. Poor me, I don't have any-new-novels to read. Yea my daddy didn't want to buy me some novels. He said 'If you want a novel or comic, go use your own money!'
Oh c'mon Dad, I don't have any money! Okay, I know I have some money but I used it to buy items that are not important enough, blame me -_-

Maybe I have to read my old novels #sigh. I think I'll spent my whole holiday in front of my lappy, so please don't ever blame me if I could write 2 or more post every single day. Lol.

Happy Holiday, everybody :)

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