Just want to share some picts from BAZAAR EVENT in my school. Well, it was held on May 8th 2011, sorry for late post (again) :p
Btw, my class got Italy theme in this event. Yea, we have to be an Italian for one day !! :D

Pray first

Our icon, Phie
Another one, Ajeng
 Black & white dress code
 Our girls
Ina with her unyu face :p
Our boys, they look so cute, huh ? :D
 Salman, blurry -_-
They made their own t-shirt, cool!

 Me and my super friend, cyphee :3
Me and iin
Busy busy busy
We sell coffee, yumm
My favorite candid

Although I feel super tired, have to wake up at 4 am, running here and there, but it was totaly FREAKING FUN!! And my class got 3rd winner for best-stand categorize, wow! Thanks for PK-OSIS SMAN 1 Gresik, GOOD JOB for y'all :)
Also, for my dearest class, XI IPA 8, y'all ROCK!:D

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