A day.

You were there and I was there. I looked deep into your eyes and you looked deep into mine. You did not say a word and neither did I. It was as if we were lost in our own little world. Your lips moved and you asked, “Where do we go from here?” I looked into your dark brown eyes, and with all the petty courage i could muster, i said “It’s wherever you want to go, but without me.” I stood up. One more glance at you. Then I walked away. And in your soft voice, you uttered wearily, “Didn’t you tell me about parallel universe and how exactly alike it is to the universe we are in? Well i wish it exists because if the other me were to meet the other you, i wouldn’t want him to let you go.” I whispered to myself, “I wouldn’t want her to get away either.
And just like two trains leaving in the night, we were on our separate ways.

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