I've finished Rectoverso and ohmy it's a GREAT book, truly. Dee is genius, and you must read it! Well,  I know, it's too late, yea Rectoverso is a old book and I just read it now. Poor me -_-
Anw, my favorite story is Cicak di Dinding, Malaikat Juga Tahu and Back to Heaven's Light. An unexpected ending successfully make me falling in love with them.

And my favorite part in Back to Heaven's Light
There's no one to blame. There's nothing to blame. There shouldn't even be a need to question. He had his choices, and I had mine. We all have our freedom to decide. We all have our preference to experience. I've forgiven him for leaving, I've forgiven myself for staying, and I forgiven life for creating this drama of birth and death.

I almost cried when reading it. Awesome.
Btw, I can't wait for tomorrrow, haphap tomorrow will be a wkwk day for agen neptunus :p

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