HELLO 2011

hello. how's your day?
yesterday was uhhmazing. i spent many times with fae in the morning and with my dearest daddy at the night.  we also watching fireworks hit the sky. what perfect day.
oh, now January 1st 2011.  just like every hello ends with a goodbye, right? so here we are, we said hello to 2010 and now we have to say goodbye to the 2010 aaaaaandddd WELCOME 2011 \:D/ just wondering like time runs so fast, huh? 

2010 was GREAT. all memories about joy, sadness, pain,  numbness, tears, laugh, fear, worry. all the joy and laugh was tell me that i have great family, friends and boyfriend that love and care about me. i can't imagine how my life without them. they just love me for me. the fear and worry just reminded me that maybe i have some plans and wishes, but yea i can't get everything i wanted. and all the pain, sadness, numbness, tears was made me realize that nothing lasts forever. all the past is just a lesson that we've learned, right? 

This New Years Eve, something must change me inside, I'm crooked and misguided, and tired of being tired. This New Years Eve, I'm waiting for tomorrow. My heart is on my sleeve, and yes I still believe, in You-Five Iron Frenzy

so, what are you doing in New Years Eve, faeries? :)

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