i miss you and i always do.

gue bolos sekolah hari ini. hahaha. well, ini bolosnya rame-rame sih ada setengah  siswa kelas gue yang ikutan bolos, habis nggak ada pelajaran di sekolah, cuma ada acara penyembelihan sapi sama kambing. dianggurin gitu di sekolah. males banget kan.

btw, gue kangeeeeeen banget sama mama gue. would you please come back to my life, mom? okey, i know that's impossible. but i miss you mom, i really miss you :((

sometimes i feel envy to my friends, how they can live with their mom, how they can be loved by and spend times with their mom. aaaah i want to be like them. i need someone who listens my story. someone who accompanies me for shopping. someone who cooking my favorite meal and listen to my love story. 
if you are not here, then who will do all that for me? i need you, mom. when it'll become easier? tears.

i can't imagine, how my daddy could survive this. survive without a wife by his side. live without true love. if  all people call my daddy a single parent, i always call him a single fighter-evita nuh :))

well, this is life. you can't get all what you want, you just get what you need. i hope you'll be happy in the heaven.i wouldn't exchange you for all the gold in the earth, and that make you the most precious thing i've ever had :))
we love you mom, and we always do.

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