kelly's story

I want to tell you one of the most unforgettable moment in my whole life. It was happened 5 or 6 months ago.
Saturday, after school
he stood in front of my class, which was making me very happy, he was waiting for me
I don't know why, I think we didn't have engagement before
I was little surprised, but I still jaim haha
Then he talked to me about unimportant things, but when he stood beside me, it gets important
him  : nells, I have something for you
me   : apaaaa?
him  : hmm, nggak jadi deh
me   : mesti
him  : aku takut kamu nggak suka. because it's not as beautiful as you
actually, he tried to be a romantic one, and he did perfectly
he gave me a pink rabbit doll which bought a heart with the most romantic words i ever know, I LOVE YOU

him  : i love you
me   : (speechless)
him  : nells?
me   : (breathless)
him  : are you okay?
me   : i love you too
and i'm really sure my face soooo bad, getting red absolutely
until now, i still keep the doll. Although he is not my boyfriend any more, but kelly is still mine
thank you, for everything, J

sorry for my bad english

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