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Hello, fairies! I've been busy for the whole semester, trying to survive the whole thing about college, and now I'm officially back! Well, I'm currently trying to get my life back, before I fall into this college life. I do not hate college, but there's some stuffs that seems and feels do not that fit with me. I don't know either me or that stuffs who was wrong. I just feel, I'm not into them. And guess what am I doing to get my life back? I was going to Jogjakarta for a short trip! Although only for 3 days, but it was awesome! I went there with Ozi and two friends of him. But this post not gonna tell you about the whole trip, it just about me and Ozi's trip.
Okay, let's start. We're in backpacker-mode for this trip, we went up there by train & the most precious thing in this trip, is when he sat next to me, for five hours, talking about nothing and everything, laughing about people in the train, it just...everything I need. You know, we have been busy for our own stuffs. Even we're in the same university and the same faculty, but we're rarely meet. I think it was the matter of being in a relationship in the path of-engineer-life, you are busy, your fiancee too. All the thing you have to do is just make it works. 
Many strange and sucks happened when we're there, like being lied by pak-pak tukang becak for two times!!! (I definitely hate them for God's sake) but the strangest thing is about Mas Rendy & Mbak Rara. Actually, that's not their real name, we do not even know their name, so Ozi and I make their name by our self hehehe. We met at the Trans Jogja Shelter, while we're waiting for the bus to go to Prambanan temple. We are in the same bus, when we arrived in Prambanan Shelter, we must walked to be arrived in gateway. When Ozi and I was walking, it was so hot so, fortunately we brought an umbrella, so we used it. But Mas Rendy & Mbak Rara didn't. The moment we laughed at is when Mas Rendy used his jacket to cover up his head while he let Mbak Rara swelter. He was so unromantic -_- I don't know why, but when we're in temple area, we always met them up and even in the close gate! I mean, how come we choose the same time to leave Prambanan? While we're met them up, Ozi always said 'Ayo buruan! Jangan mau kalah sama Mas-Mbak itu'. Yeah, we pretend that was a competition hehe. Well, after passed the close gate, we decided to have a lunch near the Shelter, and going back to the shelter to wait the bus. But unexpected thing happened, we met them again in the shelter! Okay, I know you think it was not that weird, keep reading, pals!
Mas Rendy & Mbak Rara was really surprised met us again. Mas Rendy asked Ozi 'Dari mana?' and Ozi replied 'Surabaya'
Surprisingly, he told 'Lho, kita juga dari Surabaya! Surabaya mana nya?' Okay, this become weirder.
Ozi said 'Kuliahnya mas yang di Surabaya, asalnya dari Gresik'
'Oh gitu, kuliah di mana?' Mbak Rara asked.
'ITS' me answered. The second weird things right? They can be come from anywhere, Jakarta, Medan, Palangkaraya, Makassar, but Surabaya?
In the third day, Ozi and I were waiting for the boarding schedule in McD, we choose seats near the window, and suddenly when I was looking for pedestrians, I saw Mas Rendy and Mbak Rara passed, and Mas Rendy looked at me too. And his expression like 'Lho?? Ketemu lagi??'  
Wait for it, fellas, it doesn't come to an end! 
At 3 pm, we are walking to station, and guess who we met there? Mas Rendy & Mbak Rara again! How-again-come they took the same train and schedule like us? I don't know why this could happened, maybe we have some things that involved both of them in the future or else, I just know, this is weird.  

Thank you, Fakhruzi, for accompanying me & for being my best :))

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