Ah, finally I could take a break even for a while. Been so serious, lately. There're so many jumbled thoughts in my head. How if I couldn't get good score on my UN, how if I failed on SNMPTN Undangan, how if I couldn't prepare my self for SNMPTN Tulis, how if...... There're so many how if-s.

I've done my very best for UN and SNMPTN Undangan. But you know, sometimes sesuatu yg menurut kita baik, belum tentu baik untuk kita. Well, I hope I've chose the right choices. I've done my best and I let Allah do the rest :)

Just heard a news that one of my friends just returned from Europe. While, some of us might just wishing. Well, life is unfair, right? ;)


  1. because all we can do is propose, while God disposes :)
    anyway, what major did you choose on snmptn undangan? ;)

  2. God knows the best, right? ;)
    I chose Industrial Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Both of those in ITS. Did you get Undangan too? :)