I know this is love.

Aloha sweety! I'm so sorry for being sucha bad blogger for...err..several weeks, I think. I'm extremely busy this week. Doing a lot of homeworks, have to pass a lot of test and tryout. It's like my whole time just spent on studying, studying, and now I'm going to dying -_-
Well, people, I have two-delayed-special-post tonight. And I dedicated it for my dearest one, Fakhruzi Asrial Efransyah. So anyone who has galau-syndrome when satnite come, go click the X symbol above, because I'm pretty sure this post gonna make you more galau :p

October 10th 2011.
It was our anniversary. A super year with him. Time flies so fast, especially when are getting fun at the time. 
Thank you, thank you, dear, for every single seconds that we spent together. For every magical hours that make my day. For every jokes just to make me laugh. For every song that you sang for me. For your patience in dealing with my selfishness. For every random text and phone call just to said 'I miss you'. That's sweet, btw :) For every unexpected surprise. For a lovely-song, This is the Time, that you wrote for me. That's one of reasons why you should be the one I choose, dear. All those guys are cool, but would they write a song for me? ;) For every conversation about nothing and everything. For every single pure-honest-touch-on-cheek. For every dancing butterflies around my belly. For this sweetest anniversary gift, a bouquet of red roses.

Sorry for bad picture, people.
 I just want to keep the best picture for myself :p

With a lovely note, too.
I gave you 10 roses, 9 are real ones and 1 fake one.
And I love you until the last rose die

Speechless. That was my first reaction when he suddenly came over me with a bouquet red roses, and said 'Happy Anniversary, dear'. And the sweetest when he said 'Walaupun keadaannya ga memungkinkan, aku selalu berusaha buat kamu tersenyum kan' How can I still think about the world when I already have you, dear? I was really touched, yea my anniversary coincided with Mid-test. That's why I didn't expect he would gave me a surprise like that. That was really unexpected surprise. Thank you, dear. I can't hold back my smile. You're the best of the best of the best of the best-est. I didn't care if that's not even a word. I Love you. 

October 16th 2011.
I was in a fight with him. Not a terrible fight, btw. But it was bad enough to ruin my mood. I texted him 'I'm fine' but inside 'I am not'. I tried to not be a selfish one, but pretending is not something easy to deal with, right? I think it's not too important to discuss what the problem is, it was pure my selfishness. 
I was in a lowest of mood power, then suddenly he texted me to come out from house and...there he was, standing in front of my house with a white rose, smiled at me, my favorite smile that can take my breath away.  He walked over to me, gave the white rose and said 'Maaf ya buat hari ini'
And yes, that's right, I was not angry anymore. Oh, don't blame me, that's my weakness. 
Things that make me fall in love with you, Fakhruzi Asrial Efransyah, I love the way you treated me. Well, once again, you make me crazier.

I should have a toothache for having the sweetest boyfriend ever. I love you.

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