Good News!

Holla sweetie. Wohoo PMR competition was over! And great, I got 1st winner for CC (Cerdas Cermat) PMR. Alhamdulillah :)
My dearest school got 5 trophies. 1st winner CC, 1 st winner Male PP (Pertolongan Pertama), 2nd winner Female PP, 2nd winner Duta PMR and 3rd winner for Dapur Umum. Ohmy, it was AAA-MAZING! Congratulation guys, you all ROCK!! I'll post some picts later :p

Btw, I've changed my blog header and some gadgets. Well, I'm kinda bored with my old design, I think it was just too simple and typical. So what do you think about my new design? Oh, you must say COOL or I'll Avada Kedavra you :p

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