gr-great night !

nitynite faeries. this is second post for today, yea  i have huge spirit for blogging \:D/
i had gr-great night with my dearest friend, cyphee. we had a dinner at McD. well, it has been a looong time since the last time i went there with her. she is an acceleration program, so she has not enough time to go out. i miss moments like this, we go out together, doing crazy things, have a laugh and forget all the suck problems.

i'm so glad tonight. we share our stories, no lie, honest and true. she told that she has a crush with someone. hmm let's call him cat.
ps : he is a human, not an animal.
she told that cat really charming and handsome. wow hahaha. and she's falling in love with him. oh my, i'm very happy to heard that, pals. she has open relationship with him. well, she won't to have real relationship because they have a little problem with distance. but, this is enough for both.
did you know? i always support and hope the best for you :)

and i also told about my life. i always feel i could tell her everything. i told about my boyfriend, our old friends, and also my mom. in the last topic, i cried. yea, i can't pretending i'm fine in front of her. i told  her everything that i couldn't share with anyone else. and she always has a way to make me laugh again.
thank you so much. i hope we have a lot of time to get together again.
and what 'bout you, faeries? did you have the same great night? :)

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