she is her :}

cou-cou faery !
this is a special post, because i wrote this post in the ict laboratory. ssst keep our secret,ok ? :p

well, today was soooo usual, yea nothing special. so i dont have nice story to share. but i'd love to tell you about my dearest friend. her name is Trisca Vimalasari or you can call her phie. well, idk why she called phie. kagak ada nyambung-nyambungnya gitu kan -___-

she is my friends since elementary school. wow, we've been together for 11 years! and now, we are deskmate. well, in the tenth grade, she was also my deskmate. gila, bosen banget gue sama lo. hahaha
kenapa gue seneng temenan sama dia? because she is kind, smart, beautiful (?), funny, hobi kita sama, dan yang paling gue suka nih, dia temenan sama gue itu jujur, nggak pura-pura. 

dia nggak jaim kayak anak lain, yah apa adanya gitu. misal dia pengen ngupil, dia itu nggak jaim buat ngupil di depan anak-anak.orang di depan pacarnya aja dia ngupil kok, wkwk.

kesamaan kita tuh ya, suka banget belanja dan beli barang-barang yang nggak penting. sekali nemu barang lucu, langsung beli. nyeselnya di belakang. parah deh, shopping sama dia tuh ya nguras dompet banget.
but she's great ! really.

i'm happy to have friend like you :))

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