I heart you

it was happened on February 15 2010
after school, in front of my class (again)

him     : heeey nells
me      : heeey J
him     : (smile)
me      : (there are butterflies in my stomach)
him     :  i have something for you
me      : what? a flower?
him     : do you want a flower?
me      : heem, actually yea, i think it's gonna be a romantic moment if you give me a rose and say 'i love you' hahahaha
him     : i don't know if you want a rose
            i just have it, sorry (and he gave me a heart necklace that could be separated and in the top there are boy and girl that connected with a kind of wire telephone) i just have a heart for you
me      : .......................
him     : sorry i can't be a romantic one
me      : i'll exchange all romantic moment i ever had to love you
            i heart you, J

sorry for my bad english

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